Ralph and Valerie

As a potential client, you want to know if your bathrooms will be renovated by a builder who is experienced with bathrooms, has strong connections with the important tradespeople and can manage the whole project in a timely and cost effective manner.

My wife and I are happy to report that Michael’s firm, Sydney Bathroom Renovations are at the top of their game and fulfil these important needs successfully and leave us feeling very satisfied with the result.

Sydney Bathroom Renovations carried out a significant renovation project at our home which included 3 bathrooms, a laundry, tiling of our family room and tiling of our main entrance, all being carried out whilst we occupied the home.

The key issues attributable to this successful project were:

-Management of the project, making sure trades turned up on time and with the right materials.

-Protection of the existing walls and floors and cleaning up after all work.

-Setting out all positions of plumbing outlets, bath heights, vanities, etc with us present.

-Attention to detail before work done such as where tile joints will start, finishing heights, etc

- Ability to perform all other work not carried out by specialist trades.

- Kept ‘extras’ to a minimum and priced at reasonable rates where necessary.

- Fixed up any small problems after completion without question.

-Always courteous.



We are happy to recommend Sydney Bathroom Renovations to any potential client, be they in the residential or the commercial marketplace.



Ralph and Val.